Originally from the UK before joining the Margie Haber Studio Team, Hamish Sturgeon trained extensively as an actor. In theatre, film, and TV obtaining a bachelors degree in English and drama. He has appeared in well known British TV dramas including “Moving On,” “The Village,” and “Hank Zipzer” for the BBC, as well as starring in a large number of national TV commercials and short films. In 2009 he won an independent theater Best Supporting Actor award for his role as Robin in “Time and the Conways.” Since arriving in the US he has picked up roles in “Flight World War II” for Asylum Pictures and “My Crazy Ex” for Lifetime. In 2016 Hamish starred as Dan in “Closer” – a theater production that was nominated for “Best Ensemble Theater Performance”. His short film “Joan” premiered at the Athens International Film Festival in 2018. Subsequent film and TV credits include feature film “American Boogeywoman”, TV’s SWAT for CBS and Zach Snyder’s “Rebel Moon for Netflix.

Throughout his acting career, Hamish has also worked as a casting assistant and later associate – working in independent film, major prime-time drama, and national commercials. Hamish was also an acting coach for children and adults at a number of prestigious British drama institutions. Whilst working in casting and production roles he was asked to workshop the audition process for a number of agents and management companies throughout the UK.

Hamish found an immediate home with the Margie Haber Studio Team connecting on a deeper level with the transformative philosophy of “living the life”.


Are you ready to LIVE THE LIFE?

margie haber - live the life online video course

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margie haber - live the life online video course

Most actors seem like they are “acting” because they don’t know how to experience all the rich sensations, memories, and relationships that fill a character’s life. In this Masterclass I’ll teach you how to create an entire world for a character, so you can act with intimacy and spontaneity.