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Creating the Life – Acting Masterclass

One of Margie’s most enjoyable experiences is the opportunity to teach ‘acting’ all over the world – from Indonesia, Vietnam, China,  Australia to South America and all over Europe plus the great states in our country. Margie find’s that most actors are the same – they want to BE THE BEST that they can be,  but they haven’t been taught the most CREATIVE way to achieve that goal. They are HUNGRY FOR KNOWLEDGE – Margie’s sessions are POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIVE EVENTS. They highlight that the key to unlock the mystery of ‘acting’ is to CREATE A LIFE of a human being. Stop performing, stop impressing and START LIVING. LOVE the CREATION of it. Be specific but don’t be technical, don’t be sucked into the world of script ‘analysis’ that puts you in your head. Live in the CREATIVE MIND and be joyful in its expansion of imagination.


On top of Margie’s Los Angeles Classes and her 2 week intensive, Margie’s upcoming tour schedule for her acting masterclass will be below. She does Creating a Life Masterclasses and one on one private coaching – details of upcoming places she will be visiting are below:

DALLAS * Class closed 


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