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It’s OK to be human.

It’s OK to be imperfect.

It’s OK to play.

Most of all, it’s OK to create.

Audition with power and confidence and most of all, truly step into another person’s life. Remove the anxiety and start booking today. Margie’s 10-step approach to creating a life is a game-changer.

Our top-level classes are the best acting workshops in L.A.

Are you new to Margie Haber Acting Studio? Join us for a FREE in-person intro session, or for $25 you can join our online Masterclass with Margie on select Monday’s at 3pm PST. The price will be applied to your first intensive with us if you choose to sign up!

learn from anywhere in the world

Margie Haber Studio offers ON CAMERA acting classes and workshops for ALL LEVELS in Los Angeles.
We also offer acting classes ONLINE for those around the world!

Our acting school offers Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Master Levels. We place students at levels based on their experience and training.

Our Teen Acting Classes in Los Angeles are for Teens and Young Adults (aged 14-21)

Our acting classes for kids ages (7-13) use a mix of highly trained working professional teachers, who coach and mentor our young actors to audition for film and TV and commercials.

World Class Online Video training courses help you become the actor you were born to be from anywhere in the world!

Additional Opportunities

Meet the Margie Haber Team

Celebrities Who have worked with Margie Haber

Tiffany Haddish
Kyle Chandler
Sophia Bush
Brandon Scott
Ethan Peck
Melanie Nicholls-King

– Brad Pitt –

“The day I walked into Margie’s class, I knew she wasn’t going to let me get away with anything… She wanted me to dive into my core of pain and sadness. Margie helped me make all kinds of moves.”

– Tiffany Haddish –

“I came to see Margie, worked with her, got a whole bunch of great ideas and was so prepared to go back. I was going to go get this job and I was gonna knock their socks off because I was so ready.”

– Halle Berry –

“Margie turned my cold scripts into warm reads.”

– Kyle Chandler –

“Margie Haber was recommended to me. I took her three-day weekend intensive… it reminded me of why I wanted to be an actor… it was a really reinforcing moment in my life.”

– Sophia Bush –

– Storm Reid –

“I booked the series Goliath and I was pretty stoked. I had been working with Margie on different slices (scripts), and thought I was ready for the rehearsal, but then doubt crept in. My message to Margie was ‘I hate this slice, I hate it.’ Her response was ‘You don’t hate it, you’re scared of it. It’s easier to hate it than look at your truth.’ She reminded me to be kind to myself, to go and create, and enjoy!”

– Brandon Scott –

– Ethan Peck –

“Margie helped me to let go of my armor, and tap into more of my humor and vulnerability.”

– Melanie Nicholls-King –

“Margie understands actors and is wonderful with them. She has developed a fabulous technique for auditioning and getting the job in a limited amount of time.”

– Colin Egglesfield –

“Once I knew the audition had been scheduled, Margie was my first phone call. I knew that if anyone could help me get the part, it was Margie.”

– Gregg Sulkin –

Margie’s New Book is Now Available


How to Get the Part Without Falling Apart

how to get the part without falling apart by Margie Haber

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