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Want to self tape in Los Angeles?

How to SELF TAPE an AUDITION? Self Taping in Los Angeles can be difficult! You need the RIGHT LIGHT, SOUND and  READER for the perfect self tape!  Margie Haber Studio is dedicated to helping you audition with POWER and CONFIDENCE! We help you with everything. Our philosophy now extends all the way through the self taping process. We want you to focus on “LIVING THE LIFE” in your audition. Don’t worry about anything else, we’ll take care of the technical stuff.


Margie Haber Studio is all about actors. We care about you and want to help you look your best during your self tape.


Why choose Margie Haber Studio?

For over 40 years we have been COMMITTED to helping actors of all ages (kids, teens, adults) and skills BE THEIR BESTWe are taking self taping in Los Angeles to next level by offering:


  • WORKING ACTORS AS READERS who have been personally trained by Margie Haber.
  • High-quality sound and lighting. So casting directors can see the color of your eyes and hear the nuance in your voice.
  • Immediate playback and review.
  • AUDITION DELIVERED IMMEDIATELY via iPhone AirDrop or linked file through Dropbox or Vimeo. No extra charge!
  • A NURTURING environment with actors and teachers who all want to support you.


Coaching: *Please understand doing a taping does not replace a private coaching session. If you need to work with a coach please schedule separately*


Margie Haber Studio has world class teachers and world class acting classes for beginners to master level actors that will help you create a memorable audition! How to self tape an audition?! Don’t worry! Schedule a coaching session and shoot the tape right after in our self tape studio in Los Angeles.



20 Minutes   40 Minutes   60 Minutes
15 on camera 30 on camera  50 on camera
5 to review and slate10 to review and slate10 to review and slate
Edit and delivery  Edit and delivery  Edit and delivery 
1-2 pages3-7 pages8 pages and up
$20*/ $30 $40*/ $55$60*/ $80



Discounted rates for current Margie Haber Studio students.

Taping hours: Monday – Friday 9 AM – 8 PM & Saturday 9 AM – 6 PM

(Additional fees may apply for outside of normal hours)

Self tape Los Angeles


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