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“My philosophy is to create a life through imagination – not through substitution – because imagination is limitless.” – Margie Haber

At the Margie Haber Studio, we provide the best acting classes Los Angeles. From kids classes to teens and adults,  beginners to working professional actors.  We also have Master level weekend workshop and an International Studies program (ISP).

Find out why we are regarded as the best acting class in Los Angeles.

We create through imagination allowing you to truly live the life of another person. We focus on being a human being.

Our studio teaches you that relationship guides –  it doesn’t control you, allowing your “need” to occur.  This means we don’t get stuck playing the idea of the ‘character’ or the ‘emotion’ or the ‘intention’.

We then embrace the unknown and of course, our imperfections.

The goal is to be a human being  – the only difference between auditioning for film, TV or theater – is the quantity of time.

Each class is on camera and we maintain a class size of 12 or less.

We work hard here at the Studio to create the an environment for learning and fearlessness! Our classes are considered the best acting classes Los Angeles. Take a look through our site to find out why!


We also hold a free mini class/orientation every Monday at 2pm, here at the Studio, so email us, call or come on by to reserve a spot to see what we are all about!

Want to meet Margie and hear all about our classes?

Check her out here first


Then come meet her in our free orientation at our Studio!


We are located at 971 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069.


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best acting classes los angeles