For decades I have been known as the person to go to if you have an audition or if you had a last minute ‘cold’ reading. When I had opened my studio in 1986, it was unusual to find a place where actors could learn to audition. The majority of acting coaches taught scene study classes – but actors had no idea how to get the part. It seemed what they were learning in those classes were not easily applied to the audition world.

I graduated Ithaca College and did my graduate work at Brooklyn College majoring in Speech Pathology and Audiology. Little did I know that the knowledge I learned from that profession would lead me into the world of auditioning. It made sense however, as I saw so many actors struggling with using the script and being forced to memorize. In the 1970’s, I worked with hundreds of international actors and applied the “linking of words” to help actors reduce their accent. It was during the late 1980’s that I opened up the Margie Haber Studio in Los Angeles and created the Haber Phrasing – an approach that has been revolutionary in the acting world.

The studio attracted incredible talent and gave me the opportunity to work with some of our finest actors – Brad Pitt, Kyle Chandler, Tea Leoni, Vince Vaughn, Mariska Hargitay, and Halle Berry.  In the beginning of 2000, I wrote a book called “How to Get the Part Without Falling Apart”. It is filled with advice and anecdotes from my successful students and top industry professionals. I developed a 10-step method that was very helpful to actors giving them a map to guide them when creating a character.   Recently I published my second book “F*** Your Comfort Zone” which was designed to help actors look at their own truths and create the psychological behavior of the character.

As I have gotten older and wiser, so has my teaching. I no longer just teach auditioning. My philosophy has changed to a very specific goal – BE A COMPLICATED HUMAN BEING.  I am fascinated by our imperfections. I love living in the unknown. I am open and willing to grow. I am empathetic and curious. These are the characteristics I teach my students. Let go of being technical; get out of your head. Embrace discipline and messiness! Structure is our friend, control is our enemy. Allow the relationship to guide you and live in your imagination that is limitless! Say goodbye to “script analysis” which puts you in your head. Welcome “creation of life” which puts you in your body and your behavior. Learn to use the 10-step method of auditioning organically vs. technically.

My hope for all actors is to enjoy the process and love creating. Isn’t that why you became an actor in the first place?

Love Margie


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margie haber - live the life online video course

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margie haber - live the life online video course

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