Tania is a New Zealand born actress originally from the very small town of Rakaia. The idea of acting first piqued her interest as a child when watching the US television show ‘TV’s Bloopers’. “I thought it looked like the greatest job ever. All this laughing and spontaneous behavior when the actor’s ‘messed up’. So funny to think way back then it was the ‘in betweens’ that had me sold on what a fun job this could be”.

However it wasn’t until Tania was 19 that she took the big leap and moved from away from home to study full time in Wellington at Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School. After graduating with a Bachelor of Performing Arts, Tania was fortunate to quickly land her first lead role on the television drama The Hothouse (2007), and receive a Best Actress Nomination at the Qantas Television Awards for her efforts . Since then she’s appeared in recurring roles in the U.S. series’ Spartacus- Blood and Sand (2009), Legend of the Seeker (2008-2009), and feature film Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009). As well as several Australasian Series Regular roles under her belt; This Is Not My Life (2009), Go Girls (2009 – 2011), Step Dave (2014 -2015) and Home and Away (2017), Tania has a wealth of on set experience that has continued to shape her as an actress and teacher.

After several years of living in the states, in early 2016 Tania’s path brought her to study with Margie Haber. “I wish I had found Margie and her incredible ethos so much sooner! It’s a game changer. Focusing our thoughts and energy on creation, on relationships and experience, on ‘Living the Life’ – this is what frees us from the fear that can so often cripple us as actors, especially under the pressures of an audition environment”.

Now as a teacher here at The Margie Haber Studio, Tania is passionate about sharing how these very ‘in betweens’ that she once admired as a child, don’t need to be reserved for the ‘outtakes’ only. “How we can channel the mistakes, the messy and unpredictable parts by falling forward and staying ‘in the middle of life’ instead breaking it by judging and censoring ourselves. I’m passionate about sharing this empowering perspective – shifting our mindsets from the actor ‘trying to get it right’, to the character experiencing this ‘Slice of Life’. “


Are you ready to LIVE THE LIFE?

margie haber - live the life online video course

In this foundation training you’ll get a sweeping overview and understanding of Margie’s most important concepts. With more than 20 video lessons you’ll learn how to transform every audition into an exciting opportunity to make a powerful impact!


margie haber - live the life online video course

Most actors seem like they are “acting” because they don’t know how to experience all the rich sensations, memories, and relationships that fill a character’s life. In this Masterclass I’ll teach you how to create an entire world for a character, so you can act with intimacy and spontaneity.