A graduate of Southern Methodist Universities Meadows School of the Arts, Iman’s dynamic range of professional experience and education spans 24 years.

In 2003 He made his TV debut on NBC’s movie of the week, “Saving Jessica Lynch,” during his final year and upon graduating from SMU he carved his way to Los Angeles with the Fall primetime pickup series of NBC’s “LAX”. At the time of his departure he had just completed the feature film “Sin City” and after winning a national competition hosted by CBS’s live screen test on the “Early Show” he was cast in a brief recurring role on the “Young and the Restless”. Since then, Iman has appeared in over a dozen primetime TV shows, most recently “NCIS: Hawaii” and “The Old Man.”

From the time of his arrival to Los Angeles in 2004, Iman’s education and experience expanded not only by his professional work but primarily his consistent training including a decade spent with Sandy Marshall under the Meisner Technique.

He launched a production company with his brother in 2014 focusing on writing and directing short films and concept pieces that touch on cultural identity and social issues of being an Iranian American. In addition to his experience and training as an artist, his ongoing and intimate work with his weekly men’s group and his daily ceremonial Taiwanese tea and meditation practice, Iman offers a sensitivity to those he collaborates with, especially in the creative arena. He loves working with actors and more than that, he loves connecting with people.

Iman is beyond grateful to have found a space like Margies that promotes not only methods for improving the actors craft, but truly getting deeply intimate with the Self to live a happier, truthful and more authentic life in front of the camera and off


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margie haber - live the life online video course

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