“How do I make connections with 


“How can I find opportunities without representation?”

“What casting sites should I have profiles on?”

“How do I build up my credits?”

“How do I get an agent or manager?”

Career Development Essentials / Reboot Intensive
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Michele Largé

Founder/Talent Manager - Epic Talent Management & Founder/Consultant - Epic Talent Consulting and Career Development



Michele Largé is the founder of Epic Talent Management, a boutique talent management company established in 2009 with offices in Los Angeles and Boston (established 2021). In her role as a talent manager over the last 14 years, Michele has successfully helped to architect the careers of burgeoning actors to Broadway performers and series regulars, by providing a strategic, successful, and highly-focused approach to long-term talent management, and career support in the film, television, an performing arts industries.


In 2013, after meeting hundreds of actors eager for guidance but maintaining only a small, carefully curated roster of clients, it became evident she couldn’t represent everyone. But the glaring absence of training and education on the business of acting was simply not available. Even actors coming out of top-notch fine arts programs from highly regarded universities and conservatories did not have the tools to truly embark on a professional approach to an acting career.


Epic Talent Consulting and Career Development was created to help non-clients address the gaping hole in the development of actors who truly want to pursue a career in this ridiculously competitive industry. Knowing that it takes more than talent and a passion for the craft to succeed, Michele developed a curriculum and consulting service to educate and enlighten actors about the business side of their careers, empowering them with knowledge and actionable tools to truly be the CEO of their own lives.


Prior to her work as a successful talent manager, Michele was a marketing and public relations consultant for over 15 years in the highly-competitive tech and consumer products sectors. She brings a unique understanding and perspective to the often perplexing and rapidly evolving business of Film/TV/Entertainment along with first-hand, current, and relevant knowledge of the entertainment business, and the players that are vital to a performer’s success.


Her life’s work has been to help guide performers to make decisions across the spectrum of their careers that can bring about longevity and success in an otherwise ridiculously competitive profession.