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Why choose MHC?

It’s not a presentation… “It’s a conversation” ™

Change the way you connect in business…


Margie Haber Communication (MHC) – A practical, creative approach to corporate training.


A division of the immensely successful Margie Haber Studio, MHC combines the talents of Margie Haber (Hollywood’s leading acting coach, speech therapist, and communication guru) with Morgan James, one of Europe’s leading behavioral training experts/training coaches.


We strip away the notion that a presentation is a performance – most people find  “performing” incredibly nerve-wracking. Our Philosophy “It’s not a presentation… It’s a conversation” ™ helps participants become more effective by being more human.


I loved learning about our blind spots which James and Margie helped bring light upon. It’s great to have someone empower you with transformational information on communication that is practicalAlla F (Workshop June 2016)

“Everyone loved Margie. It was an amazing experience that brought the group together” 180LA August 2016

           Why Us?

MHC explores human behavior. 
Let us bring who you are into the conversation!

At MHC, We:

  • Give you tools that will help you be open and imaginative.
  • Teach you to embrace your imperfections.
  • Believe in sharing, not showing.
  • Make communication fun again!
  • Teach you to communicate confidently in business and your own life
  • Take away the 3 P’s – Pain Panic and Performance anxiety and replace it with the big P – Power.


MHC is based in Los Angeles and London.