When you come to the studio to train with Margie you explore and connect with some pretty deep personal stuff. Pain, fear, love, sadness… your core.

Over time seeing hundreds of students go through the process, we realize that we’re all injured or damaged in some way. Everyone has some insecurity, trauma or fear.

Actors (and people generally) often try to hide this part of themselves.

In this short video lesson Margie offers some valuable food for thought about our injuries.

She explains that it’s about forgiving ourselves that really matters. And she asks an important questions about empathy – for ourselves – and our characters.

Are you stuck in your fearful child? Does your critical parent take up too much room in your life?

For many actors, empathy for others comes easy – but empathy for ourselves can be much more challenging.

I hope this resonates with you.

Studio Manager


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margie haber - live the life online video course

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