“We returned from our summer sales meeting after a long and busy four days in San Diego. The response from our attendees bordered on excellence on all counts from the presentations, social events, and classes (breakouts). Many people told me that “something was different” but couldn’t put their fingers on it. The difference, of course, was the way our presentations and speakers conducted themselves and communicated Razor’s information to our guests. The pace was more lively, communicative, and definitely more conversational in nature. Our presenters and “professors” did many dry runs for me to better polish their discussions and material and it showed in every aspect of their work. We simplified and kept everyone’s attention with much more focus on the speakers’ discussions still keeping the necessary PowerPoint information at hand in a supportive fashion instead of the focal point. We are now processing the evaluations and will share the direct comments with you when the reconciliation is completed.   We all appreciate the new skills you taught us and will forever use them in the future. Thanks again for the wonderful day here at Razor and your tireless support. You made a difference.”

Mark Bleiweis, Executive Vice President of Sales, Razor USA (pictured here, center with Margie Haber and Morgan James)

“Now that our meeting is done and we are getting our feedback from our Sales team and guests, I am able to give you an honest, result-based, and GLOWING testimonial!  The day you spent reviewing and refining our presentation skills in the office translated into a much more dynamic, entertaining, and engaging experience for our attendees. People felt that the presentations were more natural, casual, and fun to watch than in years past. Numerous people approached me and my fellow presenters after our presentations with compliments about the quality of our presentations and remarked about how much more comfortable we seemed on stage!  From the presenters’ perspective, I can tell you that we all felt much better prepared, less stressed, and more confident when stepping up on the stage. We also felt a sense of camaraderie as we watched each other get up on stage, and execute on the skills you taught us: we told stories, we commanded the audience’s attention, and best of all… we stopped acting!   Wish you could have seen the before and afters… or even the difference between the presentations/presenters that were in your class and those that did not attend.  Your impact on the quality of our event was IMMENSE! Thank you!”

Ali Kermani, VP New Initiatives, Razor USA


Margie, thank you so much for a great day.  James and you were amazing teachers and coaches.  I learned so much during our one day workshop.  I used the tools that you gave us to improve my sales meeting presentation.  I was more prepared and more confident.  It felt great to actively engage my audience and have a two way conversation with them, instead of taking at them.   I would highly recommend your course to anyone that needs help with any form of public speaking!”  

– Lupe Figueroa, Director of Marketing, Razor USA

“I loved learning about our blind spots, which James and Margie helped to bring light upon. It’s great to have someone empower you with transformational information in communication” 

 Alla Furman, MHC Event July 2016 


“Margie made me believe in myself again. Something I had forgotten for so long. Think about any relationship you have….then think about being able to communicate with each other. Then think about building and growing together. Communication – that is something Margie has to offer.  Without it, what are we??” 

Nik Piscitello – Creative Director at RPA

FullSizeRender“Margie Haber is a light! We had her come into our advertising agency to coach a small group of associates in a “presentation skills training”, and it was SO much more than that. Her ability to inspire, empower, and enlighten people is truly unique; I wish everyone could have the opportunity to work with her! She doesn’t just teach you how to be a better communicator – she teaches you how to find your power and identify the “walls” you put up in life, so you can remove them, and ultimately express yourself with more confidence and awareness. Thank you for all you brought to us, Margie!”

– Mesa Dobek, New Business Marketing Executive, RPA

Thank you so much for sharing your workshop on communication. It was a unique experience that challenged me to step outside of myself and look into changing the way I communicate and learn to paint a picture with my words. You and your staff were warm and encouraging and that helped to make it an even more enjoyable experience.

Ray Buckley, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Beverly Hills

“The MHC workshop was fantastic and incredibly useful for helping realtors sharpen their communication and presentation tools. Margie has an amazing ability to create a fun and comfortable environment that proved to be very productive for every participant in the workshop. I really appreciated her positive energy, encouragement, and insight.”

Katie Crain, Realtor, Nourmand & Associates