Chris began acting as a child; appearing in plays by the age of 8 and graduated to pursuing his full time acting career in Hollywood by age 14. He has had roles in TV, Film and numerous commercials. Chris is a passionate teacher mentor and actor committed to the growth and development of young talent. Using the Haber Philosophy to guide his students into ‘creating the life’ of each person or character they are ‘living’. Being immersed in the industry from a young age allows Chris to see and know the business from a child’s perspective. After years of studying acting with premier acting teachers and at other various institutions, Chris finally found a fit being taught directly by Margie. “Living the life” resonated so profoundly that he dedicated to educate the youngest in the industry how they too could begin to realize their dreams, while maintaining the joy they have for acting; or as we call it, LIVING! Margie Haber Studio Team


Are you ready to LIVE THE LIFE?

margie haber - live the life online video course

In this foundation training you’ll get a sweeping overview and understanding of Margie’s most important concepts. With more than 20 video lessons you’ll learn how to transform every audition into an exciting opportunity to make a powerful impact!


margie haber - live the life online video course

Most actors seem like they are “acting” because they don’t know how to experience all the rich sensations, memories, and relationships that fill a character’s life. In this Masterclass I’ll teach you how to create an entire world for a character, so you can act with intimacy and spontaneity.