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Legendary acting coach, MARGIE HABER, teaches actors to connect to their PERSONAL POWER and become CREATORS. Author of the renowned audition book, HOW TO GET THE PART…WITHOUT FALLING APART, Margie has a charismatic ability to LEAD LISTENERS DOWN A JOURNEY to be OPEN, embrace their imperfections and LIVE IN THE UNKNOWN. Irreverent, AUTHENTIC and unafraid to dig deep, Margie engages with her successful students and industry pros in this ACTING PODCAST ABOUT GETTING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, letting go of control and transforming your life. Among her students are Halle Berry, Brad Pitt, Tiffany Haddish, Kyle Chandler, Mariska Hargitay and many more.


EP 1 – Commercial Casting

Margie Leads a Power Discussion on Commercial Casting

Margie chats with three highly respected people in the commercial world in our first Acting Podcast. Actress – Annie Karstens, Casting Director – Michael Sanford, Coast to Coast Agent – Hugh Leon.


Annie Karstens, Actress

Annie Karstens is an LA based actor who has appeared in commercials for companies like Geico, Carmax, Apartments.com, Goodwill, Krylon and many more. Her theatrical credits include This is Us, Westworld, You, Superstore, SWAT, and Kidding
Reps: Coast to Coast Talent Group (Commercial), Spotlight Management, Lovestone Agency (Theatrical)

Michael Sanford, Casting Director

Since opening Sanford Casting in the spring of 2000, Michael has brought 1000’s of general market and Spanish language commercial campaigns to life. In 2009 he expanded into a full service company to include feature films and TV. Sanford casting is based in Los Angeles as well as Atlanta.

Hugh Leon, Commercial Agent

Hugh Leon is a partner and heads the adult commercial and celebrity personality departments at Coast to Coast Talent Group, one of the leading talent agencies in Los Angeles since 1987.

EP 2 – Brandon Scott

Margie Interviews Series Regular Brandon Scott

Margie has an authentic conversation with series regular, Brandon Scott, about auditioning, his challenges and fears, and his experiences on the set of “Dead to Me” and “Goliath.”
Brandon Scott is an actor in Dead to Me (Netflix), 13 Reasons Why (Netflix), This is Us (NBC), and the upcoming fourth and final season of Goliath (Amazon).

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EP 3 – Madalyn Horcher

Margie chats with series regular, Madalyn Horcher about being discovered at age 12 at Big Break Hollywood and moving to Hollywood. Madalyn discusses her series, Grace Point and Origin and her experience working with Tom Cruise. She ends with advice on getting an agent and being open in her auditions.




EP 4 – Rushi Kota

Series regular on “Grey’s Anatomy,” reoccurring character on, “Never Have I Ever” and lead actor in the new film, “Useless Human,” Rushi Kota discusses his journey as an actor, the ins and outs of auditioning from co-star to series regular, as well as the challenges he faces as an Indian American actor.

Rushi shares how he has shifted to a more positive lens while studying with Margie and his growth as a creator.

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EP 5 – Sue Ann Pien

Actress Sue Ann Pien

Series regular Sue Ann Pien outs herself as an actress on the spectrum while playing the role of a woman living on the spectrum in the new untitled Amazon series. Sue Ann discusses the challenges of autism with Margie and how she creates a “slice of life.”

Sue Ann Pien is an actress, filmmaker, and environmental and space enthusiast starring in the new Jason Katims Amazon dramedy about living on the spectrum. She really loves cooking and karaoking when she’s not on set.

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EP 6 – Fern Champion – Casting Director

With humor and knowledge, Margie’s longtime friend, Fern Champion shares decades of casting experience, insider stories and tips on navigating self tapes during the pandemic.

Fern Champion is a veteran casting director of numerous feature films and tv series from classics such as “Saturday Night Fever,” “Police Academy,” “Friday the 13th” to “Beverly Hills 90210” to mini-series, “War and Rememberance” and “Hatfields & Mccoys.” She discovered stars Cameron Diaz, Mickey Rourke & Sharon Stone.

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EP 7 – Melanie Gray

Successful British theatre actress Melanie Gray discusses the difference between theater and film auditioning and the skills she has developed in Margie’s class.

Born in London, Melanie was classically trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is an accomplished British theatre actress who has performed in London’s West End. Her TV and film credits include Outlander (Starz), Penny on M.A.R.S. (Disney) and Justice League (Warner Bros).


EP 8 – Nikko Austen Smith

Margie talks with Nikko about how she got started in acting and her audition for her breakout role in the series, “Queen Sugar.”

They discuss the new world of self-tapes and zoom, callbacks during Covid and her personal experience as a Woman of Color and Black Lives Matter.Nikko is known for her role on “Queen Sugar.”
She is presently shooting “The Birch.”

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EP 9 – Victoria Burrows Casting Director

Well known casting director, Victoria Burrows shares her successful career with Margie and her personal commitment to rescuing animals as they reminisce over their long time friendship.

Victoria joyfully recounts her work with director Peter Jackson as his casting director for “Lord of the Rings,” “The Hobbits” and “King Kong” and her many collaborations with Robert Zemeckis.
Margie and Victoria advise on zoom and self–tapes for auditions.

Victoria discusses her recent tv series and films in casting, “Blue Book Project,” “Witches,” with Ann Hathaway and Octavia Spencer and the audition process for her latest film, “Pinocchio.”Victoria Burrows is best known for casting The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, Castaway, Contact, and Flight.

Recent projects include Pinocchio, The Witches, and Project Blue Book

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EP 10 – Melanie Nicholls-King

Melanie shares how she first met Margie (by stalking her!) and the value of acting class.

She describes her experience on “The Wire,” where she lived a life as a lesbian cop, her acting education, courtesy of Brian Cranston, and her deep commitment to a ‘glass half full’ mindset from decades of being in this business as well as her joy of life.Melanie is known for 5 years on “The Wire,” “Rookie Blue,” “Anne with an E,” “Little Fires Everywhere” and her most recent recurring role on “Your Honor” starring Brian Cranston. Melanie is known for 5 years on “The Wire,” “Rookie Blue,” “Anne with an E,” “Little Fires Everywhere” and her most recent recurring role on “Your Honor” starring Brian Cranston.

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EP 11 – New Zealand Actress/Teacher Tania Nolan

New Zealand actress/teacher Tania Nolan, a series regular on Australian soap opera, “Home and Away,” talks to Margie about her film, “And Then there was Eve,” and the process of creating her life and diving into the transgender world of her character’s husband.  They discuss using imagination and sensory work, the importance of being present and relying on relationship.  Tania shares her experience teaching at Margie Haber Studio and how she has learned to let go of her crippling fear, replacing it with the empowerment of living in the life. They discuss Margie’s “Do the Do’s” in creating a character’s life.  To be a healthy actor, one must dive into these complicated characters that may be disturbing, but then shift the lens, let it all go and have some ice cream!

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EP 12 – New Zealand Actresses Brooke Williams and Amy Waller

New Zealand actresses, Amy Waller and Brooke Williams share their beginnings from attending the same class at Toi Whakaari drama school in Wellington, NZ to theater, tv and film to their courageous moves to Los Angeles and their journeys, both professionally and personally. They’ve been best friends ever since!
Amy and Brooke discuss the New Zealand culture and how it has influenced their behavior as well as the personal power they have found from being part of Margie’s zoom community.

Amy Waller, Actress/Writer/ProducerRecent credits include 911 on Fox, the movie, “The Wretched,” the TBS comedy The Detour, and a guest role in Runaways (ABC/Marvel).

A career highlight was creating her own One Woman Show called “Gloria” which she was commissioned to write and tour around the north island of NZ and the Hollywood Fringe Festival.Bohemia Group Management (US) Aqua Talent (US)Auckland Actors (NZ)IG @amylouisewallerImdb.me/amywaller Brooke Williams, ActressAmerican TV shows –

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ (ABC), ’12 Monkeys’ (Syfy) ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ (MTV), ‘Spartacus-Blood and Sand.’, ‘Legend of the Seeker.’

NZ shows –
‘My Story’, ‘This is not my Life’, ‘Go Girls’, ‘The Almighty Johnsons’, ‘Outrageous Fortune’, ‘Shortland Street.’ Films: ‘Slow West’, ‘Predicament’IG @brookesvwilliams

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