Kids Classes

Have fun while “living the life” of another person!

Kids Acting Classes Los Angeles

Professional actor training for young actors. Our kids acting classes incorporate the world-renowned Haber Philosophy™ and Haber Phrasing™  philosophies that have transformed the audition process for thousands of young working actors in leading and recurring film and TV roles for decades. 

With an industry reputation for some serious booking power – we will nurture your Kids through the industry, and they will have fun and build their confidence along the way.  This is the studio that started all the others and we are constantly evolving – creating a dynamic, safe and creative home for young actors, from beginning to professional levels.

Kids Acting Classes Los Angeles

Margie’s aim is to take all her students on a powerful journey to create lives through imagination.


Margie’s philosophy takes the overacting, overthinking, and over-analyzing out of acting “technique” and encourages kids to be themselves in front of the camera.  It makes for more well-rounded, interesting and compelling actors and also more confident kids in auditions and everyday life.


All our classes are on-camera and class sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 people.  Our classes for kids use a mix of highly trained working professional teachers, who coach and mentor our young actors.


That’s why we are on the ‘go to’ list for all the major agents and managers in Los Angeles.



Ages: 7-9  Sundays 10-12:30pm $250 per month *3-month commitment

Ages:  10-13  Sundays 10-2pm $300 per month *3-month commitment

Make-up classes available and payment plans available.

Summer Camp 2018

This kids acting Classes in Los Angele

This intensive summer camp is focused on the Haber Philosophy of “living the life” in an audition context.  Therefore students learn to shift their focus off of “performing” by developing a specific imagination and relationship.  Also through a series of step-by-step exercises and scenes, students will learn to bring their best selves. Their most imaginative, intuitive and present selves to their auditions.

Work is done on-camera and the scenes are taken from television shows and films. In addition, we cover all the major genres in both cold-read and callback scenarios.

Upcoming schedules:

Monday July 23 – Friday July 27, 2018

$800 for the week


Kids (ages 7-9) Ongoing class

Students will learn to “live the life” of another person. By personalizing material using their imagination, real-life experience, and connected conversations. This class will teach actors to audition, create a life, and build confidence. We work on commercial, film and TV scripts.

Upcoming schedules:

Sundays: 10 AM – 12.30 pm:

Next start date August 5, 2018

$750 for 12 weeks, ($250 per month with a 3-month commitment)

*monthly payment plans available

** Makeup option available


kids acting classes in LA

Kids (ages 10-13) Foundation class

For ages 10-13 – the foundation to the Haber Philosophy, on-camera film and TV auditioning class. We work on current commercial, film and TV scripts.

Upcoming schedule:

FOUNDATION- Sundays 10:00-2:00 pm: July 8 – September 22 2018

$900 for 12 weeks 

$300 per month with a 3-month commitment. 3 make up classes available.


kids acting classes los angeles

Kids Advanced  (ages 10-13)

ADVANCED LEVEL *Students must have completed the Foundation level

Deepening their imagination and furthering their ability to be present in the room and with the relationship in front of them while students begin the process of making the Haber Philosophy second nature.  As a result, their ability to understand the material and bring their imagination to specific genres increases, as well as their ability to understand how to deal with a number of more challenging obstacles, like talking to multiple people, complex physicality, and intensely dramatic situations.

And we continue the journey to Create a Life through imagination using more challenging material.

Advanced Kids Ongoing Class 

SUNDAYS: 2 pm – 5 pm

August 5 – August 26

September 2 – September 23

$300 for 4 week “blocks”