Many actors – of all ages – are so focused on the lines, that they miss what really matters. As a teacher, Margie encourages us to use our imagination and explore what makes real life feel so real – and then we bring that understanding into our characters.

One of the most important (and subtle) parts of our real life experience is SILENCE. Because, what lives in silence is our thoughts and that can be even more important than our words.

In this fun and revealing video, you’ll see one of our teen actors working with Margie to realize this simple truth about silence.

We can use acting or a better word is “creating” – to understand the truth about ourselves and that helps us live the life of another person.

Watch the video and see how to bring the moment more fully to life – by connecting with silence.

Studio Manager


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margie haber - live the life online video course

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margie haber - live the life online video course

Most actors seem like they are “acting” because they don’t know how to experience all the rich sensations, memories, and relationships that fill a character’s life. In this Masterclass I’ll teach you how to create an entire world for a character, so you can act with intimacy and spontaneity.