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Live The Life

Looking for Adult Acting Classes?

At Margie Haber Studio, we provide fun and exciting Adult Acting Class at every level.  From students with no experience or training all the way through to working professional Actors.

We have Adult Acting Classes Los Angeles for everyone. Beginners to Master level. Our Acting Class sizes are always small (maximum 12 people). This creates a safe nurturing creative home where you can fully explore what it is to live another person’s life.  

Adult Acting Classes Los Angeles

Our Adult Acting Classes are all on camera and they are held 2 times a week, approximately 5-7 hours each.

Our teachers will help you Live the Life and will help you shine in the best adult acting classes Los Angeles.

Margies Philosophy on Living the Life if introduced right away. And as a result, you will learn how to truly embody a character. Immerse yourself without worrying about learning your lines especially with her Haber Phrasing!

For auditions – expand your imagination or learn new ways to immerse yourself in a role. We would love to hear from you so drop us a line.

(310-854-0870) or send us an email

Foundation Intensive

New to acting? Replace your fear with confidence. And in this safe space you’ll learn how to take risks, trust yourself and to be guided by the relationship. Rather than the story or the character.

The Haber Phrasing™ is introduced.


For students with no experience or training. And those who are transitioning from modeling, athletics, dancing and even the corporate world into acting. This is the place for you rather than starting too advanced. Adult acting classes Los Angeles? So many to choose from..but choose the best one for you. Come find out more in our free orientation.


  • On camera
  • 6 classes, twice a week for 3 weeks
  • 4 hours
  • Every student works in every class
  • Limited to 12 students

Intermediate Intensive

Expand your imagination and learn the importance of discovering specifics to create a character and how they help you focus on the other person instead of yourself. Get out of your head and into the relationship in addition to more challenging scripts.


For students with some training (college, etc.) and experience such as commercials, student films and shorts.


  • On camera
  • 8 classes, twice a week for 4 weeks
  • 5 – 7 hours
  • Every student works in every class
  • Limited to 12 students
  • Day and evening schedules available

Advanced Intensive

Dig deeper into your core and also use specifics and imagination in addition to discovering more complex, challenging material while still taking risks and living in the moment (and your body). Lean into the discomfort (and excitement) of the unknown as we explore both the creative and practical challenges the actor faces in the casting office. Continue to explore the Haber Phrasing™.


For professional working actors with prior training and experience including co-stars, leads in indies, and professional theater experience.


  • On camera
  • 8 classes, twice a week for 4 weeks
  • 5 – 7 hours
  • Every student works in every class
  • Limited to 12 students
  • Day and evening schedules available

Master Intensive Weekend with Margie

A truly transformative experience. This weekend takes you on a journey as a human being well as an actor. Margie lovingly and thoroughly teaches you how to bring the best of you into a creative experience. She guides you away from any technical approach into a world of instinctually creating a specific life. You’ll learn how use your imagination to create scenes that are not in the script so you can fully own the character. There’s no more fear of performing when you live each life fully. The Haber Phrasing™ is explored thoroughly to support relationship and need and to help you live in the unknown.


Instead of trying impress the casting director, you’ll find your power again. Through the use of specifics, you’ll create full characters for auditioning, cold reading and on set roles in theater, film and TV. Get out of your safe zone and risk to be seen.

“Since Margie’s Masterclass I have booked roles on multiple tv shows including “New Girl”,  “Prototype” &  “Mistress” and in the films, “How to be a Latin Lover” starring Kristen Bell, Rob Lowe and Raquel Welch and George Clooney’s “Suburbicon”. More callbacks than ever too” Jeffrey Basham 2016

For professional working actors – guest stars, reccurring, series regulars, and feature films.


  • On camera
  • 3 days, Fri, Sat, Sun
  • 9 hours per class
  • Limited to 8 students

Ongoing Classes

Explore beyond the cold read and strengthen what you learned in the intensive. Deeper creative explorations include: more detailed script breakdown to support creating more complex characters, working with multiple scenes and full scripts, preparing for cold reads, callbacks and shoots…all while still creating characters quickly, specifically, and thoroughly. Practical explorations may include the challenges of audition and on set experiences.


Only available to students who have taken an intensive at the studio. Each level has it’s own ongoing classes and prep you to move through the studio program to Margie’s Master Weekend. Ongoing classes continue after her weekend as well.


  • On camera
  • Multiple coaches and schedules available
  • Once a week for four weeks
  • 3 – 4 hours
  • Every student works in every class
  • Limited to 15 people
  • Depending on the level, day and evening classes are available

Margie’s “Live The Life” Session

Margie teaches her “Live the Life” Session all over the world. An introduction to her philosophy and audition technique, this 3-hour session teaches actors how to breakdown a script instinctively and physically, rather than intellectually.  Margie’s 10-step method and Haber Phrasing™ is shared with actors of all levels of experience. Learn specifically how to take the Haber Philosophy, “Stop Acting and Live the Life of the Person,” into your auditions. The tools you learn for auditioning will be easily applied to your prepared work in film, television, commercials, and theatre. Whether you plan to continue your studies at home or come to our studio in Los Angeles, Margie’s philosophy is universal. This session gives actors an affordable taste of our on-camera intensive classes. If you’re interested in bringing Margie to your town, please email us at 

Contact Margie Haber Studio

Private Coaching

Any of our fabulous coaches are available for one-on-one private coaching sessions for audition prep, self-tape auditions (uploading and editing are the responsibility of the student), prepping for a role and individual workouts. Both students and non-students are welcome to call the office for more information.

Private coaching for non students $180 per hour

Private coaching for enrolled students $130 per hour

Self-taping $50

Meditation/Stress Reduction

Led by Sahil Shroff, our Meditation/Stress Reduction class for actors and industry friends help increase productivity and energy while reducing stress and anxiety.  Please email if interested.  (We are not currently running these sessions as Sahil is away filming)