Last week, we shared a candid video about all the practical and financial implications of the strike. But there’s something much more important that we need to talk about…

The emotional and psychological impact of the strike on actors!

So, I sat with Margie and recorded an honest conversation about fear, trauma, creativity, and inspiration for actors during this industry crisis.

In this video, Margie shares some valuable wisdom, comfort, and empowerment.

Earlier this week, I was on my way to join the picket lines when I had a moment of panic. But then I found myself among all the other actors standing up for our rights and the good of the industry. I felt proud and empowered. Being among actors and having these meaningful conversations with Margie has been incredibly valuable.

If you’re feeling scared or uncertain about the strike, watch the video. Sometimes, the most important thing is to realize you’re not alone.

In support,

Hamish Sturgeon

Studio Manager

P.S. – We’re offering meaningful discounts for online classes and video courses. We want you to use this time to enhance your skills, creativity, and confidence. We want you to feel connected to community and purpose. When the strike is over, we want you to feel grounded, positive, and prepared.

We’re all in this together. When the studio has faced crises in the past, clients and students have rallied around us to save the day. We feel grateful to be part of a community – and we want that to include you.


P.P.S. – Do you want me to record more conversations like this with Margie?
Let me know: [email protected]


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