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In just 2 weeks: the journey of a lifetime!

Hollywood Acting Workshop



How do you audition in Hollywood?


Our 2 week acting intensive, three times a year (APRIL, AUGUST and also DECEMBER) is a small group of actors FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD and also various parts of the United States come together for this Hollywood acting workshop and learn to create at the Margie Haber Studio. This 2 week acting intensive is also a great way to WORK DIRECTLY WITH MARGIE HABER, the renowned “AUDITION GURU” of Hollywood and furthermore the author of the best selling book “How to Get the Part, Without Falling Apart”. Margie’s Hollywood acting workshop is designed for people residing outside of Los Angeles who are transitioning or interested in transitioning to Hollywood. But also for people who would like to experience training at the Haber Studio who are  LA based. 




During this 2 week acting intensive we help ACTORS DEVELOP and most of all use the tools of relationship, need, history, personalization and “coming from someplace”. So they can “Stop Acting and Start Living the Life’! Margie will work with you on her legendary Haber Phrasing – the revolutionary alternative to memorizing for auditions. Actors LEARN HOW TO USE THE PAGE in our Hollywood acting workshop, instead of fearing it and to TRUST THE WORDS and EXPLORE THE LIFE, instead of focusing on the traps that come with forced memorization.




You will also get to enjoy OFF SITE ACTIVITIES like an evening at the GROUNDLINGS and workshops with a MANAGER and a CASTING DIRECTOR. The studio also creates a Q&A session, hosted by Margie – this is a fun session where our actors share the experiences of being a new face in town and how to make the transition from being a NEW FACE TO A SERIES REGULAR. All your questions will be answered. People always come to our Hollywood acting workshop  looking to grow and develop as an actor; they leave having taken a BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY as human beings – and subsequently START TO BOOK. We have seen it happen time and again.

If you are unable to make it to our workshops in Los Angeles we also have a very exciting ONLINE program for those AROUND THE WORLD who want to learn!

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Join us at our Hollywood Acting Workshop


If you’re interested in joining us for our 2 week acting intensive, send us your resume, or simply list your experience level. Learn from Hollywood’s audition guru Margie Haber. The studio that launched Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Kyle Chandler, Vince Vaughn, Rick Springfield & many more!


OVER 70 HOURS of ON CAMERA with Margie and our talented team of coaches.

• Session with a world-famous Groundlings IMPROV COACH.

• Talking with WORKING ACTORS in Hollywood, who share their experiences.

• Time with a TALENT MANAGER, who teaches the pitfalls of the business and how to obtain representation.

• A casting session with a reputable CASTING DIRECTOR.

OFF SITE activities, such as a television taping and a night at the famous Groundlings Improv theatre.



December 4th – 15th, 2023

Tuition:  $2,800 USD. 50% to hold spot. Payment plans available. 

Payment option:  We take a 50% deposit to reserve space, and remaining balance due first day of class.

Kelseys’ Hollywood Acting Experience!

The Fun You’ll Have

hollywood acting workshop

Studying with Margie and her team has changed my life! I’m not just saying this for dramatic effect, it actually CHANGED MY LIFE! The Haber Technique turned what I used to know as “acting” into “Living the Life” – something I now do daily without even thinking about it. Applying this technique just helped me book the role of Connie in the upcoming feature film Fox Trap.

Kate Greer

My personal experience auditioning in England compared to the U.S. has been very different. In the U.S. it’s a relatively fast process, you’re in and out in minutes, with a one time chance of ‘nailing it’.   Plus a waiting room full of people who are in the same ‘type’ bracket can be a little daunting.  But saying that, as the level of self taped auditions have increased with projects being shared with casting directors in England and the US, the competition is fiercer then ever. Which means arming your game with more ammunition.  Like many others, my auditions were hit or miss, it was time to investigate what was going on with the misses. I stumbled across Margie Haber after many years of living in LA (better late then never).  After studying with Margie for just a short time, I was able to transform that one time chance of ‘nailing’ the audition to a life full of moments, color and depth. Margie teaches about the relationship, which is the core of the ‘slice of life’ (sides, scene), without this, it’s words to a person and nothing more. Her ethos of creating an environment to enhance imagination, her phrasing technique that lets you lift the words off the page without breaking the connection to the reader and character. Just these few things made all the difference. ‘Live the life’….that’s what I now do for all my auditions and it’s FUN!!!”


“I am so grateful to have taken part in the Intensive Studies Program offered by the Margie Haber Studio. The intensity of the program really allows you to go deeper into your self and with the guidance and care of the wonderful teachers at Margie’s Studio you start to unlock your fears and truly work in your potential. The group of 12 actors that had traveled from all corners of the world were truly courageous and it is my pleasure to call these people my friends. Margie has such passion for her actors and I have never felt so encouraged, nurtured and supported in a learning environment, she is a master and I’m blessed to have this experience. THANK YOU and I’ll see you again soon!”


“I absolutely loved every moment of the Intensive Studies Program (ISP) course. I can only describe it as a transformative 2 weeks. There are few experiences as an actor where I’ve had so many breakthrough moments. The teachers and Margie’s technique just have a way of making everything “click.” Not only am I excited to audition again and “live the life,” I walk away with a renewed passion and confidence in myself and with tools that don’t just work – they are a game-changer!”


“”Since being back in London I’ve been asked countless times, “How was Margie Haber?” and to be honest I’m dumbfounded as how to answer. How do I explain the profundity of what I experienced in the two week ISP? For it really was profound. I learnt and experienced so much not only within the realms of my craft but also as a human being. As such it is difficult to use words, any words, that accurately reflect the momentous days I spent with all the teachers and my superb fellow ‘actors’.  Hence my simple and emphatic reply. Go. Do it. Don’t hesitate or hold back. Experience it, live it and enjoy it. You will not regret it. I didn’t and I am eternally grateful for it.  So I will be back for more and hopefully I will be bringing more Brits with me to have the full Margie Haber experience so that they can realize that they are enough, that it is ok, even preferable, to fall forwards and to learn to Live The Life.  Love you Margie! Thank you so much.”


“Ah, the panicked life of an actor! We all know the everyday stresses. I’ve come to learn there is only one saving grace in terms of staying as calm (and hopefully as sane) as possible, something we can never get too much of—perspective. And Margie Haber’s International/Intensive Studies Program gave me lots of it….
The intensive was invaluable. Margie and her team of incredibly intelligent, eloquent, empathetic, and differing instructors were a collective treasure. They all have such unique ways of getting right into the hearts of actors. “Get out of your head!” we’re often told. Well, the Margie Haber Studio showed me howto do that.
My career thus far has felt like a cruel game of darts, just hit and miss. I never knew why it would work sometimes and why it wouldn’t work other times. I had quite a few “aha” moments at the studio because I could finally see that the times it worked for me in the past, I had been employing varying degrees of Margie’s techniques without even knowing it. Now, I have a clearer understanding of how to get from a place of knowing nothing to a place of experiencing everything I need to live fuller, richer “lives” whether it be in the audition room or on set.
By offering tools to add to the ‘ol heavy toolbox, instructors at the studio were able to help me tidy it up, so I could keep the useful and toss the useless.
I don’t think Margie knew it when I left, but she was able to help pull me out of my own rut to allow me to see from a different angle just how destructive and self-sabotaging my bad habits were. Through two solid weeks of learning Margie’s vision and techniques, I was finally able to step out a little, to just be me, and to feel the life of the person I was invited and encouraged to live. When I was able to let my own casings and facades fall away, it felt the way I imagine it always should—fun, good, peaceful.
Of course I’m not “fixed” because I realize now it was never a matter of being broken, but I can attest that ISP was able to offer me a renewed love and a brand new perspective.
If you’re brave enough to do it, do it. Use every moment wisely: Learn. Commune. Explore the city that is the Mecca of so many dreams past and present. Two weeks go by far too quickly, but if you allow yourself to live them fully, there’s no room for regret.”


“I just want to thank you so much for your help.  Until shooting the movie you recently helped me with, I was rarely told that my acting was ‘good,’ and it’s a wonderful feeling and I owe it all to you, Margie!”


“The trip and course changed my life and my work. It gave me more tools, more enjoyment in my work and reinforcement that I am on the right path!  I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all as you were a part of my unforgettable journey. Growing up on the other side of the world, a dream like this seems somewhat ludicrous. But being in LA, immersed in the work, the lifestyle and the industry, that gap that once seemed so big, now seems not only reachable, but achievable. I felt like I was where I was truly meant to be and I belonged.”


“You are a wonderful combination of being direct, honest, and to the point, while having the biggest heart and I believe that is why your students feel that they can risk, try, and excel.”

Lara Hutchinson – England


“The ISP is one of the best acting experiences I’ve ever had. Margie and the other amazing teachers at the studio create an environment that is both nurturing and challenging… rigorous but so much fun. Margie’s philosophy on life and acting is completely devoid of ego and all about the love of the craft and this is evident in all of the wonderful teachers. The program is demanding but so rewarding as you watched people transform before your eyes in a matter of days. The ISP taught me so much about myself both as an actor and as a human being. I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough! Just do it people!”

Hester van der Vyver – Australia


“They’re incredible mentors and the whole package was such a fantastic value in my opinion.”

 Ruth McIntyre – Ireland


“The infamous Margie Haber Phrase Technique is one that I will use for the rest of my acting life.  I cannot recommend the course highly enough- it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to study with actors from all over the world, and moreover, to be taught by the guru of the Audition Technique world Margie Haber.”

 Laura Beth Hill – England


“I believe the ISP programme run at the Margie Haber studio is like nothing else available anywhere in the world. Margie shows you how imperative it is to stop acting in any shape or form and to be available at any given moment to respond to what is happening in the now! The results are astonishing and will change your approach to acting for the rest of your lives!!”

Martin Condon – Ireland


“It’s a long way to come from Australia to do the ISP at Margie’s in LA but it was well worth it; the programme had terrific teachers, was practical, intensive and focused on both acting (for TV and film) and the business of acting. The Haber cold read technique works so I want to learn more about it. That’s why I’m coming back in Fall to further my studies. Can’t wait!”

Jane Seymour – Australia


“First I thought I’ll go to LA and have a great vacation within I’ll learn a little bit more about acting. But that thought changed on the very first day of class! I was strongly focused on that what I got from the teachers and Margie. I changed my whole acting concept and I was totally opened to learn the techniques of Margie. The ISP was every cent worth, the way Margie and her teachers teaches is very easy to understand with humor, passion and much love. I would like to thank Margie from the bottom of my heart for being a fantastic teacher, that ISP course helped me a lot. And still I’m learning the same things at home Margie taught me. I’ve build an confidence since the course ended. I’d like to recommend Margie Haber for everybody who wants to be successful in acting. Believe me, you’ll love Margie and her teachers, just like I does!!! Thanks a lot MARGIE HABER !!!”

Saadjed Ayubi – Germany


“I could never say enough to really express how much I loved studying at Margie Haber Studios. She is one of those people, together with the other teachers, that carries a genuine love and charisma for the craft of acting, or as we say at the studio, living the life.”

Chabella Molina – Puerto Rico


“Margie’s phrase technique is amazing.  I have found it to be VERY useful! I encourage everyone to go and takes classes with her, you will truly love the experience!”

Silva Karar – Finland


“There is not much work for actors in the South Africa and when these rare opportunities arose I would be so nervous and guaranteed to mess up the audition. I never booked a single role. In fact the only roles I ever got was the ones I never auditioned for. In the last six months I had three auditions and guess what, I booked all three roles!  Why, this amazing change… Margie Haber.  I used Margie’s technique in preparation for my auditions and entered the audition room with confidence, taking in my environment, connecting with the reader and giving the casting director my best.”

Claudia Noble – South Africa


“At the moment i’m shooting a drama for a show on Irish TV as a “Guest Star!” and in a couple of weeks I start rehearsals for the world premier stage version of SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION! I’m very excited about this!! I’ve also got the lead in a short movie that will be appearing in a Film Festival here and possibly in Boston! The above gigs i firmly place at the hands of your studio!! So once again, Thanks!”

Karl Harpur – Ireland


“There are so many opportunities given to you during the course such as a talk from Halle Berry’s manager, a top casting director and huge Hollywood talent agent– all of which actors would kill for!”

Mia Sachs – South Africa


“Margie is a fantastic teacher, a wonderful human being and a great friend!  She really taught me how to be myself and how to trust my own creativity.  Now the wisdom of her ‘ I’m enough’ and ‘ Express don’t impress! ‘ are always with  me!  And the discovery that acting is basically living the life and not that much about myself but about the others – about THE RELATIONSHIP!  Beyond all that serious stuff I’m having great fun every time I work at The Studio and you’ll definitely meet interesting and challenging people there!!!  Love you Margie,  Amore Mio! ”

Milutin Dapcevic – Italy


“Margie is the most amazing teacher I have ever had the pleasure of studying with! After studying with Margie I am so much more relaxed in Auditons and am able to just live in the moment & enjoy the process!”

Stephanie Gunn – Australia


“I did the ISP for a month, went back to London, and landed a pilot for a series.  I returned to Los Angeles, sharpened my tools with Margie, went back to London and booked Othello with Ewan McGregor.  Margie’s technique continues to get me work and to enjoy the process!”

Alastair Sims – England


I was so impressed with Margie Haber Studio Staff- (MHSS). Every teacher, staff member, were as passionate, and caring as Margie Haber. The entire team made it so easy with every step. I had the privilege to befriend other talented actors from the UK, London, Atlanta, Virginia, and Chicago. I would “HIGHLY RECOMMEND” that every actor who is interested in expanding their knowledge, or learning a creative way to present their art is to attend an ISP training first! Doesn’t matter if you are local, or from across the world, you will gain so much from learning Margie Haber’s methods! Her intensive study program is very enlightening; it’s definitely an eye opener. In my humble opinion, it’s a guarantee that any level of actor will definitely improve in every aspect of their acting skills and abilities! Thank you everyone at MHS for making the ISP an educational and memorable experience of a lifetime!”

Rebecca T  – ISP 


This 2-week intensive program was an amazing experience that changed my whole perspective and approach to the craft. Everyone, I met in the program and spent those 2-weeks learning and experiencing with are life-long friends now and it was amazing to see us all grow together not only as artists but also as people.

Monique G – ISP 


These two weeks have been life changing for me. The ISP has taught me so much about not just living the life but how to be a better human. The coaches at this studio are amazing, and have really helped me progress vastly in these two weeks. And of course Margie! Nothing more to say than what a LEGEND. She is an unbelievable human being and one of the funniest coaches out there. All the staff at the studio were brilliant and always had time for everyone. I cannot wait to come back and train at this studio!

Sunny D – ISP 


I want to thank Margie for re-fuelling my fire.  Margie reminded me that the audition stage is simply a big creative process that we all have equal power in – actors, directors etc.  Margie reminded me that to live in a fearful state is crippling.  So I don’t write to you today to praise her philosophy as many would, but more so, to praise her humanity and authenticity.  Thank you Margie.

Briar K


I absolutely loved every moment of the ISP course. I can only describe it as a transformative 2 weeks. There are few experiences I have had as an actor where I have had so many breakthrough moments. The teachers and Margie’s technique just have a way of making everything ‘click’. Not only am I so excited to audition again and ‘live the life’, I walk away with a renewed passion and confidence in myself and with tools that don’t just work – they are a game changer!

Shae-Lee S


Up until the moment I walked through the doors of Margie Haber Studios for the Summer ISP, I had always had a bad relationship with my acting craft. The constant rejection was beginning to drain me and I dreaded auditions. I was almost self-sabotaging myself by avoiding opportunities in fear of failure.  However, Margie blew my mind when she taught me that every audition is just an exciting chance to experience and live another life. This sparked such excitement in me for my next audition because I wasn’t looking to book jobs – I was just genuinely excited about the chance to explore and live another person’s life. Margie taught me that failure is GOOD thing! That we should pray for mistakes not fear them because it is our flaws and vulnerabilities that make us intriguing, not our desperate efforts for perfection. Thank you Margie, you helped me fall in love with my craft all over again!

Jessie C, ISP 


Margie Haber is seriously a genius! After attending a 4-hour seminar with her she has completely blown my mind and given me a new perspective and way to approach acting, auditions and how to live the life. I’d highly recommend.

Tara C, Australia


She was everything I heard she would be…funny, engaging and full of valuable information to help me continue to pursue my career. Especially important to me was the creation of “Slices of Life” not in the script.  All of her suggestions really made me rethink how I had been approaching my auditions.  I am 71 years old and just started this new, interesting, fun part of my life and she just reaffirmed for me that I was doing the right thing!

Bonnie B – Atlanta


This program gave me a window into myself, no need to be scared. I love you Margie!

Greg M New Zealand


I’m really impressed with what each teacher has given me during the ISP – they taught me so much. I don’t want to act, I don’t want to perform – I’m throwing all that out of the window.



Live the Life. Be yourself. Don’t act be simple. I felt seen at this studio.

Rumiko M, Japan


I got something special out of every day. All the teachers are great, the office staff are supportive and Margie is amazing. Any international students coming to LA – the Margie Haber Studio should be your first stop!

Karen M, Australia 


The Intensive Studies Program helped me see things with a different lens. I am approaching my work as a director differently.  Margie pulls the weeds out before they have a chance to grow.

Lyndel, Malaysia


If I just let go and I’m open its amazing how easy Margie makes it for you. Trust her and be open. It’s easy!

Rebekah F


All the coaches fall under Margie’s philosophy of Living the Life – the other teachers form the building blocks of working with Margie. The studio is amazing.

Dave P, Canada


“Now I can divide my career into BEFORE and AFTER meeting Margie Haber.”

 Gilberto Nascimento – Brazil

“I loved the course and Margie’s technique.  Everything makes sense now.  Margie helped me a lot with my audition, and Gilberto directed me for the only audition of my life in which I liked my perfomance.  Thank you Margie & Gilberto!”

Paulo Leonardo – Brazil

“Exciting, human, a truly a transformation.  A gift for freedom.  Margie’s technique gave me the power to live a “slice of life.”  I am enough, and you are too.  Thank you so much!”

Emiliano Ruschel – Brazil