The Pros and Cons of Self Taping

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The Pros and Cons of Self Taping

The Pros and Cons of Self Taping


As more and more of us are self taping every day – and dealing with the additional challenges of self taping our auditions rather than going to a casting, it is useful to look at the pros and cons of  self taping and how we should approach them.


Taping ourselves provides an amazing opportunity for us to control the audition, and to make sure it is the best tape we could send in, but at the same time it means we have to make sure that the technical things like lighting and sound are good enough, and that means making sure you have a taping studio that you can rely on! Getting some coaching is also really valuable so that you really get another view of what you’re creating.


Choose a coach that knows you well enough to help you create the character – and can help guide you. Then get to a taping studio. Of course, you can tape from home, but then you spend valuable time worrying about the technical aspects and of course you have to get a friend to “read” with you.





1. You control the edit.

This is a phenomenal position for an actor to be in. You can make sure that your audition is really the one you wanted to do. It enables you to do multi-takes until you land on the one you feel good sending in.

2. You can create where you are coming from

before the “scene” starts – and then edit later so it feels like you are in the middle of the life.

3. You can sometimes select your reader

so someone who will “feed” you and enables you create without fear and anxiety. Or have your favorite coach read with you – which sometimes is better than people you know well!

4. Your agents/managers can see what you created

so whether you book or not, they know youbdid a great job! They can also give you their feedback which builds your relationship with them. Sometimes if you have time you can shoot them a copy of the audition beforehand so they can provide some valuable notes.

5. You can often hire an acting coach and then tape straight afterwards

keeping yourself in the“life” and this makes for a better “audition”.




1. You don’t get to create the relationship

in the room with the Casting Director or Director. This means they really don’t always get to know you. As we tape more and more those relationships are getting harder for us to nurture.

2. You miss an opportunity for Casting Directors to re-direct you

which can be really valuable and help guide you in the creation of the life. Maybe they have more information than you about how the Director wants this to go.

3. It’s more expensive

because you often have to (and should) pay for someone to take care of the technical elements – lighting, sound etc. so you can focus on the creation. You also may have 4 or 5 a day which can bump up the costs…

4. You miss potential opportunities

to be seen for other roles that may be me more appropriate for you for this particular project – (this would be where really good cold read skills are needed).
Often Casting Directors will see you, and think – this is a better role for you. What a great opportunity to be flexible and jump in.

5. Stress.

It really adds to the pressure of the “audition” and our goal to be “good”. The best thing is to get a taping studio you trust – with a reasonable fee, and know you can schedule them as
soon as an audition comes in. If you use the same place each time, it will start to feel more comfortable for you to create in!


Evaluate all the pros and cons of self taping and then hopelly you can look at it as an opportunity to present your version of the character. Be proud of your imperfections and embrace the unknown because that is what a casting director is looking for.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]