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Commercials- A Slice of Life

Hundreds of years ago (well maybe it just seems that long ago) I moved to Los Angeles to be an actress and a singer. Like most people, I was told the way to become an actress and get a TV/film career was to start out in commercials. Well, in those years I did fit the qualifications for a young mom, a girl who loved pizza...

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Margie in NYC and Washington!

After teaching in DC and loving exploring the city, I came to NYC for a holiday.  Well almost a holiday. In that I decided to do a one day class with some of my alumni and I am so glad  I did!  I sent them a slice of life to create 2 days before the class and treated it as a simulated casting session. After they...

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Actors Commitment

  We have all heard the word COMMITMENT. Whatever we want to accomplish requires that 10 letter powerful word. Nothing in life comes easily but if we fully go for it, we will always be rewarded. This month was an opportunity for my master ongoing class to go for it. My students get 4 classes a month in their on going class. First is a “frozen read”...

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