Studio Actors

I am writing this response to this remarkable, transformative amazing weekend with Margie while it is fresh.  It does feel like a month or a lifetime’s worth of work in 3 days.  I am exhausted in the best possible way.  I have to say this living the life approach to acting has made me live my actual life differently.  It’s funny how I didn’t realize how shut down/closed off I was in my real life, day to day, interacting and getting by but never really “living”.  As the days and work progressed with Margie, I noticed tons of barriers toward intimacy come down and a light inside me spark, there is something incredibly beautiful about this work because, for me, it permeates into all aspects — and I see and hear the response everywhere — I can’t wait to fully live a life in front of a camera, or a casting director or on stage or wherever.  I have been privileged enough to work with some of the best acting teachers in the world, to have studied at incredible schools like Juilliard – I have a BFA in acting from CalArts — Margie is on another level and I will forever be changed by this weekend.  Margie is one of those people that I will take with me every time I step in front of a camera, or on stage, or into an audition room — it’s not only one of the best things I have done for my career, it was one of the best things I have done in my life. Margie wakes you up — but she doesn’t just wake you up — she also gives you a direction, so you don’t fall back asleep again and have to act

Jeffrey B, Master Weekend May 2016

Thank you so much for the coaching Courtney.  I felt so comfortable and confident in the room and I owe it to your guidance.  Without your help and the teaching from the studio I would have been lost.

Steve D, 2016

“Today is the best day to send you this, as I’m so so grateful I’ve just had the opportunity to work with Margie on her Master Weekend in New York. This weekend was such a revelation. I know that’s a grand word but I truly feel like I was transformed as an artist and more liberated as a human being. What makes Margie so special is her thorough, but intuitive approach to the material. I’ve learned to be incredibly specific with the creation of a life without losing my own uniqueness. Now I see how a once anxiety-producing audition is now a joyful and exciting process of creation! It’s like becoming an ivy-league “imaginer”! Run… don’t walk… to Margie’s class if you want your work to reach the next level!  I hope I can come to LA soon to take more classes with you!”

Jana Stella

“I received an audition for a small Co-Star role on “NCIS.” I always get excited for any audition, but sometimes it becomes hard to really focus and prepare when all you have to work with is a few words. In class, my teacher really stressed the importance of being specific and working on living the life fully, even when the role is a few lines. I didn’t want fall into the trap of rehearsing how I would deliver my line so I decided to work on living in the moment before and experiencing what has happened that would feed me. While in the waiting room, my fellow auditioners were joking about what ways they could say their three words, while I had my teacher in my head preaching at me to ‘live the life.’ So that’s what I did in the waiting room instead. When I got in the room and they said the ever intimidating, “Whenever you’re ready,” instead of just blurting out a line, I said, “One second” took my time to get down on the ground to tie my shoes (since the ‘slife’ takes place in a bowling alley), and when I got up I was actually surprised (like the person in this ‘slife’ needed to be) to see the reader! The director said he really liked my choice, I had a producers session the same day, and booked it the next. Thanks for helping me to focus on the exciting part of ‘living the life’ for any kind of audition, even a co-star!”

Anita Kalathara

” I booked the lead in a SAG feature being shot in Florida in December titled NIKKI AND TAYLOR. The feedback was a direct result of my time with you all. My approach to the difficult and heartbreaking slices of life that I was given the privilege to experience during the callbacks was a complete gift from my time in the intensive. The producer and director both commented on my depth of connection and commitment to the relationship despite the difficulty of the situation. They said it was completely truthful and unrelenting. I am thankful for you all and miss being there. I need more!”

Whitney Goin

“(To my classmates) – I just want to say thank you. I have never witnessed so much bravery in my life as I did this weekend. It was such an honor to watch each of you display such disarming beauty, authenticity, humor, and courage. I wish each of you a lifetime of discovery, challenge, opportunity, happiness, and success. Be well… and I can’t believe I’m about to say this (not too long ago I would have punched myself in the face for what I’m about to say)… but… Live the Life! Thank you again. I am a better man for the gifts each of you shared.”

Tyler Pierce

“I just want you to know that you have helped transform the way I look at auditions… and now I am having the BEST time of my life auditioning! I am now able to trust what I have prepared, be present, and just have FUN in the room and collaborate with Casting Directors. I actually look forward to getting in the room now! (What the heck?)”

Cynthy Wu

“I am amazed after just three classes what a drastic improvement I have made. He has taught me how to connect and free myself up so I can listen and respond without thinking about my lines, because now I know how to get them without attempting to memorize. I have been so thrown… I now connect… and I am so excited!”

Ren Trella

“My experience with the intensive exceeded all my expectations, and that I was being taught by the teacher whose name is on the studio, I expected the world… I was chewed up and spit out and chewed up again and it felt great. Margie gave me the freedom to be me and not try to get anything right. I went to learn about a technique and left feeling filled with joy and excitement about life and those that I met in the class. The technique, though important, was secondary to the overall scope of things. What an experience I had. The weekend was exhausting, never frustrating but challenging and sooooo much fun.”

Charles Porter

“I arrived to my casting director workshop about an hour early. I went to the room and they were having auditions in it for some independent film. The receptionist asked if I was there to read and I said I wasn’t. I’m just early for a class. She said that I looked like one of the characters and if I would like to cold read. Sure, why not! Anyway, after reading, the casting director and director said that I was one of the best reads they had that night….and he was amazed that I had just gotten the script 5 minutes earlier. Obviously, I could not do this without your technique… It almost feels like cheating knowing how to go in and cold read well…but I won’t complain or try to even the field… On an even more positive note… they offered me the part.”

Michael Rosinsky

“I hadn’t been in class for months, and I hadn’t really had an audition in about three months.  It was frustrating and I was wondering what was going on… I came back to Margie’s class.  Ten minutes after class started, my agent called and told me I had an audition for “General Hospital.”  I called Margie to coach me privately for it since the audition was the next day.   She was being a good Jew at temple for Rosh Hashana and didn’t get my message until 9:00 AM the following morning.  She called me the day of the audition and said she could see me at 10:00 AM and my audition was at Noon…   so I coached with her from 10:15 – 11:15 then went immediately to the audition.  I killed it.   The Casting Director was Mark Teschner.  I’ve auditioned for him several times but it’s never worked out.  Then, I kill it at this audition and he says, “Really good work, Brien.”  Twenty minutes later they called and I booked a recurring role.  Thank you, Margie.  I’m so happy to be back in class!”

Brien Perry

“As a composer, I have found the methods and philosophy of this acting studio to be quite helpful in my craft. Even at the Intro level, I have learned many new skills and have a new appreciation for the art form, and for living life. My teacher has a great understanding of acting/living and is able to communicate these ideas in such a way that every person can benefit from the class, actor or not. I would recommend this studio to anybody involved in the arts, or anyone in any path in life, for that matter.”

Brad Harper, Film Composer/Musician

“I’ve been taking Margie’s Master Ongoing Class, and I always fall into the trap of stopping class when I think, “I’ve got it.”  It had been a couple months since my last class and I was not happy with my last few auditions.  I should have really done better and ‘lived-the-life’ in the rooms.  I was not.  My next audition was a huge one – a chance to work with a big director I greatly admired.  I needed to put myself on tape for the pilot and so worked the slices with several friends.  It was not coming together.  I was pushing and not living.  Hours and hours, we did take after take… Garbage.  I texted Margie and she greed to squeeze me in for a private the next morning.  Her day was chaotic: teaching a class, plus an orientation, plus everything else life tends to throw at you.  But Margie took the time and worked with me, talked me through the slices, and really sparked my imagination to exist and respond in the moments and circumstances.

One slice in particular had intimidated me: my character compulsively dismembered a machine while mindlessly castigating my niece.  It was a monster monologue.  Margie had me use the chair in the audition as the machine.  She then had me use a roll of paper towels as the guts and wiring and tear the sheets apart as I spoke to my niece – almost as an afterthought.  The scene came alive! It took me out of my head and away from my anxieties.  In the end, the floor and I were covered with tiny bits of torn ejected paper.  We did it and all the others in one take.  Even in the final slice, I still had bits of paper stuck to my back.  I uploaded the audition and sent off the link.  That next day, my manager called and said the producers loved it and wanted to see me in New York. Thank you, Margie.  You are the best!”

Anslem Richardson