Creating a life as an Actor

creating a life as an actor

Creating a life as an Actor

Creating a Life as an Actor


Actors ask us all the time when they are thinking about coming to acting classes in Los AngelesHow can I get out of my head? I have a  checklist of things I use when I approach a script but I don’t feel connected and it’s not fun anymore? What do I do?


Many actors have been to well known and respected drama schools and performing arts colleges to learn how to ‘act’ to get the traditional acting methods taught to them. They then start auditioning and they practice and rehearse hoping they nail it and ultimately book a job. Their entire worth as a human being in this profession comes down to whether they book a job or not. Margie looks at it differently. She tells us to enjoy the creation, so whether you book or not, is irrelevant. It’s about creating a life as an actor and   living another person’s life.


Actors come in and often are confused about “substitution” and when or if to use it. Margie’s approach is all about creating and getting it into the ‘body’ through specifics and imagination. You use pieces of yourself, of course, but it’s not you. You are living another person’s life.  Using substitution, for example,  and those kind of “techniques” or “methods” can be very limiting to some actors so why do that when imagination can be limitless?


Margie’s philosophy will free you, and allow you to create a life as an actor. Margie sits down with our studio manager Hamish and tells you how….



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