Kids & Teens

“I just wanted to write and tell you how much Tanner enjoys his class. Tanner says he is learning on a higher level and really likes the discipline of the class. We have been at this for a little while and I wish we would have know about your studio much sooner. We were referred by Tanner’s agent and are so happy we found you. We look forward to a great future together as we have already signed up for the next session.”

Julia Davis, Mother of Tanner Davis

“Growing up in Australia, we don’t have many classes to go to for acting/drama, so I wasn’t really looking forward to taking classes when my manager told me he had book me in for some! Then when I took the first class at the Margie Haber Studio, I couldn’t believe how different it was and how engaging it was and I LOVED it. I wasn’t staring at my watch hoping for the time to pass, I was actually enjoying and learning. Thank you so much for helping me prepare for auditions and learn new ways to get around a script.”

Ashleigh Ross (Sydney, Australia)

“As a parent of two Margie Haber disciples, and a student and admirer myself, I cannot sing the praises of this amazing woman and her team enough! What sets this Studio apart? Perhaps it is the level of professionalism that Margie and her Staff bring to their classes and their coaching. We love the fact that when you arrive for class, you can count on the teachers having carefully prepared the “slices of life”, as well as their lessons and approaches for the day. You can count on the fact that the class will be structured, no one running around playing or dominating the class. And you can count on the other students being just as committed and professional as the Staff. Perhaps it is the approach to acting itself… ”Living the Life”, not pretending to do so! Perhaps it is the extraordinary level of preparation the Studio provides to its students in terms of Audition Techniques. Whatever plethora of factors make Margie Haber and her Staff and Students so special, we can certainly testify to the success taking these classes can bring! I have only submitted myself for one project since taking the class, and I booked it! My son and daughter have both had great luck, with almost 100% success in getting callbacks and great success in booking!  Regardless of your motivation, whether, like me, it is to gain a better understanding of what your children are doing, or like my children, it is to pursue a career in the industry, you cannot go wrong with Margie Haber!! Her audition technique classes have plenty of room for growth, compliment any scene-study course you may also choose to take, and bring joy and clarity to the process!!”

Erin Donovan – Parent of Max and Clare

“I have had other acting classes but they pale in comparison to “Living the Life” Margie Haber style… My callback and bookings increased ten fold.  I now have my own show, “Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street.” … I will always be a fan of you and your training.  To be the lead/title character is beyond awesome!”

Sloane Siegel, star of the  new Amazon series, “Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street.”

“I love you, Margie!”

Gregg Sulkin – “Awkward”, “Pretty Little Liars,” “Wizards of Waverly Place”

“My first experience with Margie’s technique was in her Teen Week summer program, where she introduced me to a new, eye-opening way of approaching acting. She helped me create not just characters, but real people, and is one of the most helpful, wise, and kind coaches I’ve ever worked with. I have been working with Margie on the series “Bloodline” which stars her alum Kyle Chandler – and i’s been great ” creating the life” and learning to use my imagination fully.”

Owen Teague – Recurring Guest Star – “Bloodline” (Netflix)

“In my callback for Disney I was asked to do an unprepared improv.  With a smile on my face, I nailed it.  Thanks, Margie.”

Madalyn Horcher – “Gracepoint” 

“Although it’s been a few years since he’s been in class with Margie, thanks to his training with her, he always remembers to “Live the Life” & I believe that’s what makes him such a good natural actor.”

Kerri Korba, mother of Nicky Korba – “Shameless”

“First, I would like to say thank you very much for the incredible experience of  Teen Week. I’m still amazed at how much I learned within the six days there! Eliminating acting terms such as “monologue” and “scene” and changing them into more human terms; conversation and slice of life, really helped me a lot to share instead of showing. I feel that I have been becoming a better human being and enjoying living my life, as well as others. Every teacher I worked with taught me something great everyday. After reading How to Get the Part Without Falling Apart two years ago, and having the Stop Acting App, I was so eager to study with Margie in person, and I’m very lucky to have finally gotten the chance to. If Pennsylvania wasn’t on the whole other side of the country from California, I would definitely continue studying at your studio.”

Alexa DiBartolomeo

“Riley auditioned for two other roles besides her scheduled audition.  Thanks to the Margie Haber technique, she did great in both of those as well, with just two minutes to prep!  Pretty cool and I just want to give credit where credit is due.”  – Kathy Davidson, mother of Riley Davidson

“I’ve just gotten home after the Teen Week program and I just wanted to thank everyone at the studio for such an incredible week. I believe I’ve grown so much as actor and it’s because of the Haber philosophy and all of the great teachers at the studio. I’ll never forget this past week. I’ve been bragging to everyone about what a special place the Margie Haber Studio is because it really is. Again, I just wanted to thank you all for putting together such a great week for all of us students. I can’t wait to come back for more classes in the future. I wish I lived in LA!” – Natalie Caceres

“Caleb just landed a lead role in a full length feature Sci-Fi film.  Your working with Caleb this summer was directly responsible for him landing this role.”  – Dale Courtney, father of Caleb Courtney

“I just have to tell you how thankful I am that you decided to do a teen intensive!  Rebecca came out after the first day and talked the whole way home about how no one has ever phrased things the way you had… or explained how important it is to pay CLOSE attention to the other person you are doing a “slice of life” with.  She changed our vocabulary on the ride home as well and we no longer can say “scene,” “monologue,” “actress…”  She is fully aware of small parts of what she is doing and how she used to put a wall up around herself when reading with another person.  That wall is visibly coming down and I believe it will be a HUGE help to her.  She does well at most auditions and gets callbacks but hopefully this will take her to the next level!” – Denise Spicher, mother of Rebecca Spicher

“Margie’s Advanced Teen Intensive was a great experience.  I learned about transitions, how to be specific, and really be in my body.  Margie was such a fun teacher and there was never a dull moment.” – Christy Nunn

Margie, I want to thank you for the teaching and the guidance you have provided our son over the last 3 years in your acting class. You have helped him grow from a novice child actor to an actor that has depth, empathy and can act in many styles (comedy, drama, dramedy, etc). You have always provided exceptional balance teaching your students to enjoy the learning process while providing the structure the class needs to take the classes seriously. Too many classes allow the kids to “play” and that balance is always a challenge.  Our son now receives a lot of positive feedback in his auditions as well as other interactions he has with the industry – Christina C (Alex’s Mom) 2016

Thank you for “lighting a fire under my daughter.” I could say things like “thank you for teaching her how to live the life.” Or…”thank you for really helping her get into her body and let go.” Instead I’ll say “thank you for finally convincing her to live her OWN life, therefore being able to embrace someone else’s.” You were worth my money for once. This business sucks but you make it easier to swallow – Jennifer P, 2016

I have taken other acting courses before and I had never heard of this fabulous approach! The concept of “living the life” takes you on a journey to let yourself become the person you are playing by creating memories of “your” new life and thinking thoughts and thoughts and thoughts to fully create it. I enjoyed my week to the max and met so many great people along the way! Maria Teen Week July 2016