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What We Do

“My philosophy changes the goal from acting a character to being a human being…so you can be in the moment whether you’re in an audition, on set or on stage.”

What we do:


Create quickly, specifically, and thoroughly. Be empowered to step into a character more fully in less time – perfect for the fast-moving industry of film and TV.


“I am this person living this life.” Believe the character on the page is a real, complicated human being and you can readily relate to them as one. You can’t be you, but you can always use you – you are enough!


Imagination, not substitution. Create fully realized characters that are truthfully affected in the moment through the endless power of your imagination.


Instinctual discovery process. Trust your instincts and get in your body right away instead of getting stuck in a “heady” clinical analysis.


Relationship, relationship, relationship. “Take a dance” with the other person instead of executing pre-planned, inauthentic behavior. When you focus on what you want, you’re more present and more real.


Use language that connects you instantly. Instead of a “character” you are a human being living a life. Instead of a “scene” you are experiencing a slice of life.


Haber Phrase Technique™ An alternative to memorization, this innovative communication tool takes away the pressure of memorizing when you’re short on time. Key for auditions and table readings, it helps you to use the paper organically without losing your connection to the other actors. It becomes a part of your behavior rather than a technical approach.


What we help you do:


Lose your fear, find your power. Ditch anxiety about booking and performing; your confidence carries you through the entire experience – from creation to audition to job.


Make acting fun again. Without your fears, you’re free! You’ll remember why you love acting: because it’s exciting to create and connect moment-to-moment.


Book it and nail it. You’re goal is to enjoy yourself fully every time with confidence and creativity…which is when you tend to book the audition and nail the job.


Want to know more? Join us at an orientation.

(This video contains adult language)