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Core & Mask

We are all the same in our core, we protect ourselves with our mask.  In living the life, create the core first, then use the mask that's appropriate to whom we are connecting with and our environment. ...

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MARGIE-ISM: Use What Feeds You

Actors are always very busy trying to find the creative choice or should I say the choice that no one else will use in their "audition". The truth is it's all about what feeds you. Stop thinking about the best choices and start thinking about what turns you on!...

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MARGIE-ISM: Share, Don’t Show

When you go into the casting room, most actors want to impress the listener and “show their choices”. This is not living the life. Sharing is seeing if the person I am connecting with is receiving the message. That supports being present in the moment  ...

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MARGIE-ISM: Use Yourself, Don’t Be Yourself

There are parts of ourselves that we can use to live someone else’s life. We start with that and then use our imagination to create those parts that are different than ourselves. If I were living the life of a drug addict, I would validate all the parts of me that are similar and then I would use my imagination to create the addiction....

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MARGIE-ISM: Take a Dance with the Person in Front of You

It’s not just about putting the attention on the other person. It’s about both of us – we are in it together. Sometimes you lead and sometimes I follow. When you walk into the room in your “slice” you want to affect and be affected by the Casting Director or actor, even if he or she gives you very little. But it’s always a dance.  ...

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It’s not a Scene, It’s a Slice

It's not a Scene, It's a Slice When your handed lines on a paper, your job as an actor is to create a human being within an experience. Think about "scenes" as slices of life, incredible opportunities to stop acting, and start living the life. New to the studio? Learn more about Margie's philosophies and core teachings at the studio....

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