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The Book & The App

That's how you get the part!

How To Get The Part Without Falling Apart


Based on Margie Haber’s 35 years of experience as an actress and teacher, How To Get The Part Without Falling Apart promises to take away the “three p’s” – pain, panic, and performance anxiety- from the cold- reading process, while giving back the “big P,” POWER, to the actor. It is filled with real-life (and often hilarious) audition stories from her clients and some of the nation’s leading actors, with comments and anecdotes from over fifty top industry professionals. The book is divided into four sections, each dealing with a different aspect of auditioning:  Getting Out of Your Own Way, Breaking Down the Scene (“Slice of Life”), The Haber Phrase Technique, and Words From the Pros.  Available for purchase from Barnes & Noble, online at, or call 310-854-0870 to order an autographed copy and have it shipped to you for $25 (within the U.S.; additional international rates do apply).


The App: Stop Acting!

STOP ACTING!  The Audition Class with Margie Haber

An interactive follow-up to her successful book, How To Get The Part Without Falling Apart, “Stop Acting” builds on the original material with updates.  This innovative experience brings Margie’s class into your home and on-the-go.  Over 130 minutes of video, text, and interviews with working actors to help you, “Jump out of your box, and risk to be seen.”


FREE APP: Actors Connect With Margie

Actors Connect…with Margie

Stay connected with acting and audition technique guru Margie Haber.

Get inside access to the happenings and classes at her Los Angeles based studio. Discover new insights as an actor, learning how to Stop Acting, and Start Living the Life!

Each week, we’ll add new content on new opportunities at the studio, personal reflections and observations with working actors, as well as valuable tools that every actor can use on their journey of creating a life, or simply, giving memorable and meaningful auditions.